Donald Gillies

Being a club of 13,000+ players, having a pulse on what our staff and members feel about matters directly related to their experience is vitally important. Without Adam and the staff at Satori, we would not be able to have the high-quality insight we need to be a club that listens and acts on making Rapids Youth Soccer a destination club.

There is increased interest within global football in the analysis of player and team performance. By uniquely focusing on participation patterns, Satori are world leaders in PARTICIPATION Analytics.

Satori Soccer created the foundation for understanding and ultimately improving the youth soccer experience. Not only have they changed the soccer landscape for us as an organization, but they will also change the game of soccer in the U.S. for generations to come.

Adam blends his corporate consulting background with his personal experience as a youth soccer coach to bring actionable insights to clubs and coaches around the country. Satori takes my belief in the value of Net Promoter Surveys to another level and delivers real value to clubs of all kinds.

Satori Soccer is helping clubs ask the right type of questions to gauge member satisfaction and assist staff in providing an exceptional experience for players, parents and coaches. It is a game changer.