Association Analytics

Coaches guide players. Clubs guide coaches. Associations guide clubs.
In each community, associations play a critical role in helping youth soccer thrive. The better an association measures what matters most, the more likely they are to find ways to improve. Below are three examples of how associations can use Satori Participation Analytics to grow the game in their community.

Player Participation

Measure retention, new player recruitment, relative age effect, participation by zip code, and more in our Association Analytics program. Compare your numbers to benchmarks to identify relative strengths & weaknesses compared to industry averages.

Referee Experience

With referee numbers dropping in most communities, more must be done to reverse the trend. Work with us to learn more about why some referees quit, why others stay, and what can be done to improve the situation. Referees are an essential part of our sport and we believe their experience should be valued and measured.

Encourage GRO Program Participation

Since youth soccer experiences are made at the team level, let’s work together to help more clubs in your community participate in our GRO Program. The better they understand their participation and player experience, the more likely they are to improve it–leading to improvement at their club and for the association.

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