Advanced Club Analytics

Additional opportunities arise once a club has a foundation of measuring participation, retention, and player experience. Below are a sample of additional services we provide to help clubs measure & increase joy, participation, and performance.

Know Your Players

When a coach starts with a new team, how long does it take to get to know the priorities and learning styles of their players? Our preseason “Getting to Know You” process shares insights from parents about their children to coaches. The more a coach knows about each child, the more prepared they are to help them thrive.

Game Recaps

On most weekends during the season, lots of games are being played by lots of teams across the city. How do you monitor the progress of each team’s performance and experience? Our process collects brief coach feedback on the topics most important to their club’s technical director. With better insight into gameday experience, better support can be offered to coaches and teams that need it most.

Exit Survey

When families choose to leave a club, their true reasons for departing often leave with them. As an independent third party, parents Satori protects their confidentiality and are more likely to respond. The more we understand why players leave, the better informed we are to make improvements to reduce future attrition.

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